Planting Seeds of Sustainability This Spring

Planting Seeds of Sustainability This Spring.

Spring is upon us! As the warm weather of spring arrives, along with it comes a renewed spirit, brighter days, and of course, spring projects. It’s a time for affecting change, looking ahead, and spending more time outdoors, each of which offers an excellent opportunity to plant seeds of sustainability all around us.

We’ve collected a few of our favorite springtime sustainability projects to share with you.

Plant Flowers

Spring flowers simply make us smile!  From wildly colorful landscapes to softly muted hanging baskets, spring flowers bring an element of cheer to all surroundings. Pansies, marigolds, petunias, tulips, and sunflowers; the choices, and color arrangements, are endless. However, the benefits certainly don’t stop there. In addition to beautifying your surroundings, planting flowers will also help lower your carbon footprint.  Flowering plants help replenish the oxygen supply, filter toxins and provide a food source for bees and other insects and animals. Now is the perfect time to order seed packets or visit your local greenhouse. Let your imagination run wild!  The environment will thank you for it.


Install Rain Barrels

April showers bring May flowers. As you gear up for spring planting, consider adding rain barrels to your landscape. Rain Barrels come in many colors, styles, and sizes to fit any garden décor. By collecting and reusing one of nature’s most precious commodities, you will play a big role in conserving a rapidly depleting resource.


Set One New Sustainability Goal

Consider setting a sustainability goal for yourself or your family this spring. One small change can have a profound impact. Here is an idea from our GreenEarth teammate Scott Steele. Scott is the Licensing Manager at GreenEarth. His sustainability goal for 2023 is to replace all of the light bulbs in his home with LED bulbs to conserve energy.


Repair, Recycle, or Donate

Ahh yes, springtime begets spring cleaning- a time to purge closets, put away winter linens, and open windows. Spring is a wonderful time to let fresh air in and move old things out.  When you jump into your spring projects, remember that most items in your home can be repaired, recycled, or donated. A local GreenEarth Affiliate can help by refreshing or repairing your older, favorite garments.  For garments you no longer wish to keep, check with local civic groups or non-profit centers, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, for opportunities to recycle or donate clothing items.


Prepare Items for Storage

For items you plan to store during the summer months, it is important to make sure they are free of any body oils or dirt before putting them away. Storing items that have not been properly cleaned may lead to discoloration, attract unwanted odors and bugs, or even provide a potential breeding ground for mold and mildew. At GreenEarth, our cleaning process is silicone-based, environmentally safe, and provides a thorough clean that is gentle on fabrics. It is completely odor free and will prepare your items for a long summer’s rest. Top off your spring-cleaning goals by having your winter items cleaned at a GreenEarth Dry Cleaner near you.


This spring, we invite you to join us in planting seeds of sustainability.